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Boettner Vocal Studios Orange County. If you are looking for vocal training, singing lessons and private voice lessons in Orange County we are located at:

711 W 17th St. Suite #D8, in Costa Mesa, California

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Orange County Location Boettner Vocal Studios

Offering the best private vocal training, voice lessons and private singing lessons in Orange County. Take private lessons from Andrew “Andy” Boettner, a master vocal coach and music teacher/instructor with 40 years of experience. An award-winning singer and vocal coach that has helped some of the most famous artists in the world with vocal techniques to improve their singing.

If you do not reside in the area, please contact us anyway for an alternate option of online vocal training and singing lessons via Skype. Andy is talented enough and is known to have such a great ear that he can help you using this method as well if you are unable to get to Orange County and his vocal studio.  If you need references please feel free to use the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.

Singing Lessons, Voice Training, and Vocal Help

Boettner Vocal Studios Location - 711 W 17th St Suite D8, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Boettner Vocal Studios Private Voice Lessons. You can call or click on the blue button above to contact Andrew Boettner for an appointment for singing lessons, help with vocal techniques or problems and let him know about your vocal influences, aspirations and goals!