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For Beginners, Seasoned Performers and Vocal Artists

  • How to Extend Your Vocal Range
  • How to Control Your Pitch
  • How to Sustain Your Breath
  • How to Eliminate Breaks
  • How to Increase Your Vocal Stamina
  • Become a more confident performer!
  • Live Video-audition recordings can be arranged upon request.
  • We offer an on-site full-feature digital vocal-demo recording studio. Most importantly you get the attention only an experienced singer and voice-coaching-specialist can bring to your recorded vocals. Andy’s ear knows what your vocals need and what you can do to get that recorded performance right.

Be a Confident & Secure Performer

Become a more Confident & Secure Performer! Mastering the Key Principles of Singing and Learning the Techniques I Teach will also allow you to sing any style you wish with the consistency of a professional. Boettner Vocal Studios offers…

  • Private Vocal Training
  • Private Voice Instructions
  • Private Voice Lessons
  • Private Singing Lessons and masterful Singing Techniques
  • Vocal Techniques and Vocal Training
  • Vocal Warm up Exercises and Techniques
  • Help with vocal problems that Affect or Restrict Singing Ability
  • Vocal Rehabilitation (normal and post-operative)

Boettner Vocal Studios

“Teaching and inspiring excellence in singing since 1976.” Since beginning my full time teaching schedule, 40 years ago, I have had the privilege of helping thousands of singers. My students come from all over the world of music…

  • Grammy® award winning singers
  • Las Vegas performers
  • Television and Movie Actors
  • Leading performers on New York’s Broadway stage
  • Singers in college and high school musical productions
  • Opera singers with major opera companies
  • Classical voice majors and Voice faculty at major universities
  • Students auditioning for vocal scholarships at universities
  • Elementary School Beginners

What makes Andy Boettner different than some vocal teachers. “Many teachers refuse to work with beginning voices or tackle vocal rehabilitation because it takes a lot of patience to teach fundamentals. It’s much easier to ‘hop on board’ after the hard part is finished. I don’t mind the ‘hard part’ because I realize that building a singer’s core-foundation guarantees a lifetime of high-quality singing.”

See award-winning Andy Boettner’s Biography. An incredible journey that includes recording, touring, stage, opera, musicals, completed courses-work master’s degree in Music, graduate level Vocal Pedagogy, plus many years studying under some of the best teachers himself before dedicating decades of working and teaching some of the most talented people in the music industry, stage, and movie business.

My Student’s Achievements and Performance Involvement… with Stage, Television, Big Names Acts, Major Music Industry Talent!

Music Artists

Celine Dion
Nicki Minaj
Sam Smith
Stevie Wonder
Garth Brooks
Barry Manilow
Bruce Cockburn
Bruce Springsteen
Carol Channing
Dionne Warwick
Emmy Rossum
Guy Sebastian
Imagine Dragons
Jackie Evancho
Kirk Franklin
Lupe Fiasco
Randy Jackson
The Young Americans
Tom Jones
Yolanda Adams

Television Shows

Glee Seasons 1 – 6 (ABC)

Disney Wonderful World of Color

Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)

The Sing-Off promo (NBC)

X Factor (FOX)

American Idol (FOX)

The Voice (ABC)

Broadway Shows

“Wicked” – Nicole Parker starring as Elphaba (Actress/Singer -Andy’s student since high school)

“13” – Graham Phillips – (Singer/Performer – Andy’s student from age 5 to 11)

“You’re Welcome America” – Will Farrell starring as President George Bush (Movie Actor – vocal training with Andy)

Awards Shows

Academy Awards

American Music Awards

The 54th Grammy Awards – The year Adele won 6 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video.

Listen and watch… Some of Andy’s Most Famous Students!

Toni Tennille
Toni TennilleSinger, (formerly The Captain and Tennille)

Toni Tennille Singing

“Come in from the Rain”

“The Man That Got Away”

Bill Medley
Bill MedleySinger, (formerly The Righteous Brothers)

Bill Medley Singing

“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Lean on Me”

John Elefante
John ElefanteSinger, (formerly with Kansas)

John Elefante Singing

“Dust in the Wind”

“Carry On Wayward Son”

I’ve Taught 1000’s of Students – See What Some Have to Say!

“Andy Boettner is one of the finest voice teachers I know. But he is also an expert in singing, repertoire, and technique. I have never hesitated to go to him with vocal questions or problems I have encountered over the years. His students love and trust him, and rightfully so. I have never seen a person who loves teaching as much as Andy does. I would never hesitate to trust my voice to his expertise.” — Toni Tennille, Grammy Award Winning Singer Songwriter

Toni Tennille, Grammy Award winning singer songwriter

“I’ve been working with Andy off and on for 20 years. The training and the knowledge that I have learned from Andy has been invaluable. I just turned 75, and have never been singing better- thanks to Andy. Even today in every show I do I remember all the things Andy taught me. I love what he taught me, I love his friendship, and I love the man.” – Bill Medley – Singer, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Bill Medley, Singer - Grammy Award Winner - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee - The Righteous Brothers

“You don’t know how many people over the years I’ve told the story about how, when I first went to you, I could barely squeeze out an A natural and then picked up about 6 notes. Dude believe it or not I still use your technique and have not lost any notes off of my range.
I remember once you told me that “if you’re singing correctly. your cords will stay intact” — well at 53 — they still are!! I hope all is well with you guys, I was in Newport Beach this summer right near your house and almost stopped by to say hello but didn’t know if you were still there. Send me your email, I would love to send you some recent music I’ve done. Eternal thanks, and feel free to share this with any prospective student!” — John Elefante, Musician and Lead Singer “Kansas” and “Mastedon”

John Elefante, Lead Singer (Kansas and Mastedon) Rock Bands

Boettner Vocal Studios - Andrew 'Andy' BoettnerBoettner Vocal Studios in Orange County

“It is never too early or too late to learn the skills of great singing.”  – Andy Boettner